FIFA 16 to feature women’s soccer teams.

  EA announced that FIFA 16 will feature women’s soccer teams. 360 and Xbox One is going to, for the first time ever, include female teams Though FIFA 16 will finally include female characters, they won’t be full-featured. You won’t be able to add female players to your Ultimate Team, for example. There is a […] Continue Reading



One of the top sellers globally UTFifacoins belongs to MMOXP LIMITED, China, a company established in 2010. It is the same digital in-game currency trader as on and   UTFifacoins has a great layout, is easy to navigate and offers both FIFA 15 and FIFA 14 coins. There is a logo for FIFA […] Continue Reading



This website is trading from 2013 and offers FIFA 15 Coins only.   All platforms are supported: Xbox, PS, iOS, Android and PC.   Simple to navigate website, yet absolutely no information as to who they are or how you are protected, not much information in FAQ either.   The website states that is […] Continue Reading



UPFIFACOINS was around since 2014. If the sole trader behind it was involved in a different website prior to setting up UPFIFACOINS is not clear, but this trader is from China and we feel there is a certain connection to other big coin traders.   The website itself provides very little information as to the […] Continue Reading


FIFAAH Reviewed

This is a sister site to Goldah and it belongs to the same trader: G4P LIMITED, China.   The domain was registered in November 2014 and there are a lot of similarities to Goldah – FIFAAH predominantly deals with FUT Coins and NHL/NFL Coins. No other digital goods so far, they decided to stick to […] Continue Reading


GOLDAH Reviewed is one of the FIFA largest coin sellers globally.   They claim to be “The World Top Seller Site with 12 Years of Experience”, however the domain name was only registered 7 years ago which either means they used to trade on a different website or – well – your guess is as good […] Continue Reading



A Chinese entity (Sippe Co, Ltd) – trading since October 2014 (domain name registration date).   Open and upfront with the buyers: warn in their Terms and Conditions that they are fighting fraud by requesting buyers to pass Account Verification. Buyers may be required to supply additional information when ordering a product or service from […] Continue Reading



Same entity as the one behind – MMOXP LIMITED is from Hong Kong, however it looks like Fifacoinszone was their original project – profile picture on their Facebook dates back to August 2013. Just as on here you can find only FIFA coins, no other digital goods or in game services. They both […] Continue Reading



The entity behind is MMOXP LIMITED from Hong Kong, although the website is hosted in the USA.   The first Facebook picture dates back to March 2014 so it would be safe to assume they are about a year online.   Buyer’s reviews go from “Very cheap prices, almost instant delivery, definitely not a […] Continue Reading