Walking Dead

While searching the web for the best and fastest vendors, most reliable FIFA coin sellers and honest traders we came across some websites which look like they are live and working at first glance but as we looked in-depth – they are nothing but Walking Dead of FIFA world.


Below is a list of websites and reasons why we consder them to be abandoned/out of business.


P.S – if you own any of the below websites – you are more than welcome to get in touch and give us an update on the status of your business.


www.utcoinsonline.com and www.fifacoinsonline.com are same trader.

Possibly an Israeli entity – the website gives no information whatsoever and paying with Moneybookers you pretty much can say goodbye to your money.

The only form of contact is email plus unresponded twitter / facebook messages indicate that this website is not any longer in business.


thegamekeys.co.uk website is no longer accessible and website requires authentication.

The domain name is owned by a UK individual but their “About Us” points to a post box in U.A.E (R3-05/A P.O. Box 124678 Sharjah)

The last Facebook post is from November 2014 and the latest Twitter message dates back to the beginning of March 2014*.

Having contacted the supplier by email we never received any response.

Don’t waste your time and money.

(*Information is correct at the time  of publication)

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