Below is a list of active and reputable FUT coin sellers.

FUTZilla_Fifacoinservice is part of Dutch Digital Internet Services (DDIS)

Choose from Player Auction, Mule Account or Comfort trade

To receive FUT coins, either list players on the market, buy an account, or let them fill up your FUT account with coins! Payment methods: Paysafe, Paypal or by phone. Easy to follow video guides directly on the website.

You pay 5% EA tax.

FUTZilla_fifautcoinstore is a UK FIFA coins trader.

Select your platform (PSN, X-box or PC) or use the quick buy tool for a fast checkout. List a player from your FUT account in a buy now price to the amount you require from fifautcoinstore and input that amount on their site.

Tell their system the player name of card you have listed and select from the drop down list that appears to then request the system to find your player. From the search their system has performed, select your FUT team name which is based from the account you are using.  Their system then communicates with EA servers to place this card in our watch list to purchase once successul payment has been made.

You complete your order by choosing  the preferred payment gateway: Paypal or Skrill.


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