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  1. futzilla

    Latest Update:

    FIFACOIN is now trading Fifa 16 coins across all platforms: PS3, PS4, XBOX1, XBOX 360, PC, iOS and Android.

    On FIFA 16 coins they offer Coins recharge and Player Auction, Mule accounts not available across all platforms yet but as a new development they are now not just selling but also buying:

    Here’s a quote from their website

    FIFA 16 Coins

    If you can provide FIFA 16 coins please contact FIFACOIN for the selling prices.

    FIFA 16 Accounts

    1. FIFACOIN will provide you with account details.

    2. You need to create FUT and activate the Web App transfer market on the account.

    How to activate it: Play more than 4 single season matches daily.”

    Sounds simple. Tell us if it works – would appreciate feedback!

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